News 10th Convocation SCEE – Update

10th Convocation SCEE – Update


  1. Some students are raising queries about who all can attend the SCEE convocation to be held on 25th January 2022. It is clarified that attendance of students will be as follows:
    1. UG students of the following batch or students of any other batch graduating with the following batch:

      S. No Institute UG Batch
      i. NICE 2017-2021
      ii. IESE 2017-2021
      iii. IGIS 2017-2021
    2. PG students

All graduating students of all disciplines of SCEE having notification date prior to 15th January 2022.

  1. Following students may also attend:
    • All UG/PG medal winners who were awarded medals during virtual convocation held on 4th December, 2020. These medal winners must submit their medals to respective institutes on convocation rehearsal day.
    • For the Rector’s Gold medal awarded during the virtual convocation, gold medalists along with the complete FYP group are invited.
  2. All PG students whose notification date was after 15th September, 2020 and did not participate in virtual convocation may also attend.
  3. It is once again reminded that:
    • Last date for registration is 15th January, 2022.
    • 1 x guest can be invited. Both the student and the respective guest must be vaccinated and must bring their vaccination card along.