News XJTLU 3rd IBSS Virtual Business Project Competition!

XJTLU 3rd IBSS Virtual Business Project Competition!


The competition is 3 weeks in length and intensive, including pre-scheduled morning sessions and likely some small group work in the evenings. During this unique program, students will be assigned to groups with other students from around the world. Each team will work on real-world projects with organizations and companies in Asia, to help identify solutions that can be implemented. All projects are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This format for the projects will support students with intercultural communication, developing teamwork skills, and understanding challenges companies face today.

Included in this experience, students will gain:

  • Practice with working in a diverse team (cross cultural teams of 6 students, with students of different nationalities and coming from different universities)
  • Academic credit may be granted by your home university
  • Learn about the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals
  • Experience with preparing of research lead solutions for a company or organization in Asia, to address a dilemma they face in moving forward.

We welcome students from your institution to participate. Do note that students from a single institution will not all be on the same team/project, but rather, will be placed in multinational small groups for the duration of the program. The flyer is attached.

Interested students should complete the application by May 31, 2024. Please use the QR code below or click the link here: to register and submit your information.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] , as mentioned in the project flyer as attached. You can reach [email protected] also for any other related questions to the competition.