Strategic Plan

The School of Civil and Environmental Engineering (SCEE) offers high quality education, carries out marketable research, and provides breeding ground for meaningful impact on society through ethical application of engineering knowledge. We are a forward-looking and progressive institution that does not merely reflect on the past but continues to make headway keeping in view the challenges of 21st century. With our shared commitment to a strategic process, we plan to advance our capacity to address the critical needs of society in terms of environment and the infrastructure.

Our Vision

To evolve SCEE into a leading center of excellence which will offer an enabling environment that fosters learning, discovery, innovation and ethics. SCEE aims to produce such bright graduates who can impact the society and the environment through cutting-edge research and innovative technology, and who become a vehicle to transform Pakistan into a progressive and thriving country.​

Our Mission

In pursuance to our vision, SCEE strives to:

  • Develop means and methods to advance humanity’s progress by understanding, building, operating and fostering the infrastructure;
  • Support our growing society and human needs through highly meritorious, innovative and sustainable pedagogy;
  • Advance the frontiers of knowledge and create innovative approaches to serve the humanity by helping it create and sustain a better environment;
  • Produce scholars, academic leaders, professionals, innovators and entrepreneurs, who are agents of change and can impact the world;
  • Assimilate interpersonal and social skills to help our graduates operate ethically, professionally and effectively in the real-world.